The NFT Revolution for Community Interaction

Celebrities, Influencers, Institutions… All brands now have a revolutionary community interaction system, no codes, endless utilities and decentralized system. We unchain the power of web3 and NFTs to create a new world of community building.

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What is FanLab? How it works?
Community owner (CO) chooses interaction methods with their fans. These include
  • Social media interactions
  • Live calls, video gifts
  • IRL meetups
  • Tickets, backstage passes
  • Any other custom interaction
CO then matches these interactions with their OWN NFT collections.
  • Standard Package NFTS where the fan will know what benefits they will get before purchase
  • Random Generation NFTs where the fan will make the purchase but the benefits will change by the attributes and their rarities.
  • Single event attendance
CO clicks Publish! And they have their own NFT collections – with full benefits assigned to owners! No coding required!
CO have their own customizable NFT marketplace. All NFTs in their collection will be valued and traded here.
CO have their own Dashboard, where they will be able to publish events on their calendar. NFT Owners that have these benefits will be able to claim spots on these events.
CO publish events, but the interaction is both ways. NFT Owner Fans will be able to create tasks for the celebrity as well! Eg. A fan can post a task for the Celebrity to comment on her tweet!
NFT Holders (FAN)
  • Mint NFT and get its utilities

  • Purchase utility NFTs from FanLab

  • Sign up to events created by CO

  • Login to Fanlab Dashboard

  • Sell your utility NFTs and make profit

  • Assign tasks (i.e: instagram follow) to CO

  • Partnership & Collaboration announcements (BIG CO on the road!)

  • Entrepreneur Club NFT Sale (500 Entrepreneurs only – Act fast!)

  • Beta launch of FanLab dashboard

  • Mainnet Launch & First CO NFT collection publication

  • GOAL: 40+ active Fan Communities running on the system

  • Keep building with community governance

FanLab Entrepreneur Club

Your VIP Seat at Fanlab

Fanlab Entrepreneur Club will let you get whitelist spots on these NFTs AND AT A DISCOUNT!!

A Big Brand Means Big Communities

Unfortunately, not everyone will get an NFT and their benefits. These benefits will be able to be traded as well. So a meet-up with a big celebrity will surely be worth a lot!

Build Fanlab's Future Together

Entrepreneurs of the club will also have a say in the governance and the future of the FanLab system, through our FanLab, where every strategic decision will be voted between the members.

Apply for Entrepreneur Club right now!

Utilizing the power of ETH Layer2

FanLab will utilize the full power of the Ethereum community. Entrepreneur NFTs will be on the Ethereum blockchain, where it will receive its full value potential.

To fully fuctionalize the Fan club utility system, we will build the Celebrity collections and the dashboards on Polygons powerful L2 solution. Community owners and fans will enjoy the fast, ultra low gas and ETH bridged benefits of Polygon.

Our Motivated Team

Ali Umut Erdoğan


Hakan Şenöz


Doruk Demirsar


Gökhan Kazar


Efe Hızır

Partner/Talent Relations

Artuğ İşçimen

Head of Development

Kerem Yiğit

Head of UX/UI

Elvan Tunceli

Operation Specialist

Ahmed Janabi

Director of Operations

Orçun Yüksel

Mobile Development Lead

Rebi Demirel

Backend Developer

Veli Eroğlu

Backend Developer

Ertunç Akça

Backend Developer

Oğuzhan Yılmaz

Frontend Developer

Sevim Artan

UI/UX Designer
Commonly Asked Questions

FanLab offers no-code tools and infrastructure to help creators and artists design and mint NFTs, build custom-branded membership communities in web3, and connect with your most loyal fans.

Your NFTs are a tool for you to create a direct and lasting connection with your top fans. When fans own your NFTs, you can thank, reward, and build lasting community with them.

Instead of all the upside of your work going to platforms and middlemen, your fans can choose to enjoy these benefits or resell them and earn from supporting you. With NFTs, your fans start sharing in your success.

We radically simplify not just the NFT minting and sales process but provide the creator tools, services, and integrations for long-term fan engagement and community-building at scale.

Your community is fully customizable. We believe every community is unique, and your aesthetic should be front and center, not ours.

Our tools make your community accessible to all of your mainstream fans. We provide credit card processing, non-custodial wallet instantiation, fraud/risk prevention, customer support and more to help your fans onboard to web3 while maintaining an easy-to-use, consumer-friendly experience.

For fans that we help to create wallets for, they have sole access to their private keys if they choose, giving them the best of both web2 and web3 interoperability.

FanLab is a community-building platform, not a marketing platform. We help you drive community engagement and revenue, not traffic.

All NFTs minted using FanLab are owned by the creator. Your wallet is the owner of your contract.

As a creator, you can make money using FanLab by selling NFTs that grant access to your gated community, NFTs that unlock rewards, or NFT collectibles.

You can also sell exclusive merchandise, tickets, experiences, or other offerings on FanLab through our dashboard and marketplace.

FanLab charges a flat 30% fee on all NFT sales.

FanLab uses Polygon, a “proof-of-stake” blockchain solution that requires dramatically less energy to process transactions compared with other blockchains.

While estimates vary, individual transactions on Polygon use approximately 99.9% less carbon than an equivalent transaction on Ethereum’s current proof-of-work blockchain. Upcoming work to shift Ethereum to a proof-of-stake blockchain will further reduce Polygon’s aggregate carbon footprint.

We provide the above services and more. Please email us at with details on your project and we’ll see if we can help.

FanLab is built on Polygon, the EVM-compatible sidechain. Our smart contracts and NFTs have best-in-class interoperability with OpenSea, Rarible, and other leading NFT marketplaces that support Polygon.

FanLab is 100% gas free for both minting and transacting — we cover the gas. This includes deploying your own smart contracts and minting NFTs.

We use Ispn for decentralized file and metadata storage.
Contact information

We’d love to hear from you! Every feedback is welcome and encouraged.